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The Kendale Lakes Elementary TEAM  Program

TEAM = Teaching Enrichment Activities for Minorities

The advanced academic program at Kendale Lakes Elementary for students that are in the referral process for gifted, did not qualify for gifted, or demonstrate advanced academic abilities based upon teacher observation/assessment is referred to as TEAM. TEAM is a full time, self-contained, advanced academic program that services students in Kindergarten through fifth grade.  Referrals for this program typically begin in Kindergarten at our school when incoming students are screened and display eligibility for our Kindergarten Enrichment Program (please read about this in its own link area).  A full-time, self-contained, TEAM program, enables our carefully selected students to stay with their class all day for services. This is a great program option because the children are able to stay with their advanced classroom peers and receive instruction at their accelerated level in all core subject areas.   If a student is doing well in this program, they are referred for testing to determine eligibility for gifted. 

For Kindergarten-3rd grade, students are typically assigned to one teacher for instructional purposes, although at times depending on enrollment and program delivery options there might be a departmental approach.  Once our students get into the intermediate grades (4th and 5th grade) they are typically assigned to two separate TEAM teachers that are subject area specific: one for Reading and Language Arts - Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for the other.  This rotation best serves subject area teacher experts, and most importantly, equips our students for an optimal transition to the middle school program where they report to six different teachers - predominantly in Advanced Level courses.

Our goal as a school providing these services is to ensure the advanced academic student has an opportunity to be challenged academically, problem-solve at higher levels, express themselves creatively, and develop into an independent learner.  In order to accomplish this, all TEAM teachers prioritize the utilization of essential instructional strategies once reserved only for gifted students.  This includes: chapter books for reading instruction and pleasure.  Journals for writing, mathematics, and science.  Use of manipulatives and various technology software programs to enrich beyond their current grade level as appropriate.  Authentic assessment products are prioritized and are incorporated to maximize creativity and student achievement as well.

With this goal in mind, we try to emphasize, "the best education for the best, is the best education for all" - words stated by Mortimer Adler.  Through the use of advanced technology such as SmartBoards, LCD projectors, and various computer programs provided by the District or purchased at the school level we deliver this branch of advanced academic services to our students with excellent performance results.



KLE Tigers!


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